Practical phase Master (MP)

Registration winter term 2024

Deadlines for the Master's practicum (MP) in the winter term 2024

Registration for the Master's practicum (MP) takes place in the semester before (summer term 2024): 

You can register for the Master's practicum (MP) in u:space from 06 to 24 May 2024:

Please note that the allocation is expected to take place by 27 September 2024!

The prerequisite check will take place on 16 September 2024.

Deregistration from the Master's practicum (MP) is possible until 30 September 2024.

Registration procedure practical phase Master (MP)


  • How do I register for the Master's practical phase (MP)?

    Registration for the practical phase Master (MP) takes place in the pre-semester via u:space.

    Registration periods in the pre-semester:

    • May (winter term)
    • November (summer term)

    With this registration, you will be registered for the internship place and the accompanying course at the same time. After receiving an internship place, you will automatically be assigned a place in a companion course. Prioritisation of any parallel courses is not possible.

    The accompanying lecture is an examination-immanent course. Attendance is compulsory. In order to be included in the accompanying lecture, you must be present at the first appointment - as with all other pi courses. This also applies to digital/synchronous settings. Please also refer to the information on the respective accompanying lecture in u:find.

  • Where is the de-/registration in u:space?

    You can see your registration in u:space. In the registration overview in the tab "internships" you can deregister on the far right ("delete" or trash bin symbol). Note the respective deadlines!

  • What requirements do I need to be able to register for the Master's practical phase (MP)? Can I already pre-register for the Master's practical pre-register for the Master's practical phase?

    Registration for the practical phase Master (MP) can only take place if you are already enrolled in the Master's programme.

    Therefore, registration in the last Bachelor semester is not possible.

    Completion of the practical phase Master (MP) is recommended from the 2nd semester onwards.

  • What options are available when registering for the Master's practical phase (MP)?

    During the registration process, you can prioritise the time and location of your internship. In this way, the best internship placement (time and location of mentor) will be determined for you. Your information on time availability applies to the internship placement, but not to the accompanying course. Please note that this is only a ranking. Due to the lack of resources for practical placements, you may also be considered for a location or time that has a lower priority!

  • Why do I also have to prioritise time and place when I make an application without a placement?

    As it may happen in individual cases that students do need a placement, we would like to ensure that these students can also be matched according to location and time priorities when they are allocated.

  • Is it possible to complete the practical phase Master (MP) in both teaching subjects in the same semester?

    Registration for the practical phase Master (MP) is in principle possible in both subjects in the same semester. However, we strongly advise against this for the sake of feasibility!

    Each registration for the practical phase Master (MP) is an independent registration, which is not coordinated. If you complete the internships in parallel, you must expect an increased time commitment.

    Please note that the practical phase Master (MP) is very extensive. If you complete both subjects in one semester, you will acquire 30 ECTS including the compulsory accompanying courses. This corresponds to the entire workload of one semester! Further courses cannot be attended in this case.

    Attention: If the accompanying courses for several subjects (e.g. Slavic languages / GR/LAT) are combined in one course, it is unfortunately not possible to complete the practical phase Master (MP) in these two subjects at the same time!

  • Is it possible to complete the practical phase Master (MP) within the framework of own teaching activities?

    Yes, it is possible to complete the practical phase Master (MP) within the framework of your own teaching activities.

    You can find information on registration and implementation on the specific website regarding own teaching activity.

  • Is it possible to complete the practical phase Master (MP) with existing work at a school if I am NOT teaching in the subject in question?

    If you work at a secondary school (public law, teaching according to the Austrian curriculum) and only teach one subject (e.g. German), you can apply to complete the internship in the other subject (e.g. GP) at this school with a mentor from the teaching staff.

    If you are an after-school care worker, learning support worker or employed in another function at this school, you can apply to complete both subjects at your school.

    Information on registration, application, etc. can be found at the specific website regarding own teaching activity.

  • Can I look for a mentor myself and do the Master's internship with this person?

    No, that is not possible.

  • What special formats are there for completing the practical phase Master (MP)?

    Since in some subjects internship places at schools are scarce, there are also additional special formats for the practical phase Master (MP).

    An overview of the special formats in the practical phase Master (MP) finden Sie in einem eigenen Bereich auf unserer Website.

    Please note that you can also be assigned to a special format if you register for a placement in the Master's practical phase (MP)!

    This is currently the case, for example, for the teaching subject PP by means of PP subject mentoring. The background to this is that alternative forms of completion have to be used due to limited internship places.

  • When and how must the registration for the KU Reflection and Evaluation of Own Practice (ABGMAPM2) take place?

    The KU Reflexion und Evaluation der eigenen Praxis (ABGMAPM2) must be completed parallel to the practical phase in a teaching subject. Registration takes place during the registration phase for the ABG courses via the corresponding course in u:space.

  • What happens if I withdraw from the Master's practical phase (MP)?

    If you deregister from the accompanying LO or the internship place, you will automatically also be deregistered from the other. Please note the respective deregistration deadlines. Deregistration after the deregistration deadline will result in a negative grade.

    Please note that the number of retake options in the PPS differs from other examinations!

    See here: How often can I repeat the practical if I do not pass it?

Allocation practical phase Master (MP)


  • When will I know whether I have received an internship?

    Internship places will be allocated by the respective allocation date mentioned above. If you have not received a place by then, you may still receive a remaining place afterwards. Please take this into account when planning your semester.

  • What are the criteria for allocation?

    If all the necessary requirements for the internship are met, an internship place can be allocated.

    Places are allocated taking into account the progress of your studies (ECTS in the respective subject) and the best possible overlap of the allocation criteria of place and time, which you prioritised when registering.

    All internship places made available to us by the mentors are taken into account when allocating places, i.e. registering for the practical phase does not guarantee a place.

  • Which school will i come to?

    The teacher training programme in the North-East School's Group (Verbund Nord-Ost) trains for all school types of the entire secondary level, i.e. students should also get to know all school types (MS and AHS/BHS).

    The North-East School's Group, which is made up of institutions from Vienna and Lower Austria, offers school locations in Vienna, Lower Austria and (Northern) Burgenland. This may have an impact on travel times. So stay flexible!

  • Where can I view my internship position?

    You can view the allocation to the internship place in u:space. Home/Courses/Enrolment Overview Internship Teaching/Register Sheet Internship places.

    Please contact your mentor independently.

  • Is it possible to swap internship places?

    No, it is not possible to swap internship places!

  • Can I choose my accompanying course?

    When assigning students to the internships in the PPS, the focus is on the best possible overlap of the students' and mentors' prioritisation of time and place. Since homogeneous groups of students and mentors are formed in the accompanying lectures, automatic allocation to the accompanying lectures takes place.

    Prioritisation of any parallel courses or swapping of the accompanying courses is therefore not planned.

Information regarding the internship (MP)


  • How extensive is the practical phase Master (MP)?

    For the practical phase Master (MP), 9 ECTS are awarded per subject. This corresponds to a workload of 225 hours per subject; of this, 90 hours of attendance at school and 135 hours of independent preparation and follow-up time are planned per subject. Please note the detailed information.

    The 90 hours at school are divided as follows:

    • 20 hours of independent teaching (at least 15 hours for subjects which are taught to a small extent at school, e.g. HE, PP, GP, some languages, etc.).
    • 60 hours of observation (also outside the subject) and/or extra-curricular tasks, e.g. participation in excursions/hiking days, school events, library supervision, etc.
    • 10 hours of pre- and debriefing with the mentor
  • When can i start with the internship?

    When arranging the internship dates, please note that the internship may not start before the beginning of the accompanying course!

  • How are the appointments with the mentors organised?

    The specific dates at the school must be arranged by the students themselves directly with the mentors after the start of the accompanying course. It is very important that the students are cooperative and flexible in their collaboration with the mentors (e.g. consideration of the mentors' schedules, holidays, etc.)!

  • What requirements do I have to fulfil in order to pass the internship?
    • The practical phase must be documented in the internship passport. Please download the internship passport and fill it out. The internship passport remains with you at the end of the internship.
    • For each subject, 4 ECTS accompanying lectures and an additional 4 ECTS ABG (KU Reflection and evaluation of own practice) must be completed in parallel to a practical phase.
    • The practical phase can only be completed in conjunction with the respective accompanying course of the subject and vice versa, i.e. accompanying courses may only be completed in conjunction with a practical phase.
  • How often can I repeat the internship if I don't pass?

    If there is a negative assessment "participated without success" in an internship, the students have the opportunity to repeat the internship once. A negative assessment is based on formal failures or a written performance description.  If the written performance description is likely to lead to a negative assessment, students have the right to submit a written statement. An internship is assessed "participated without success" - i.e. negatively - if

    • the internship place is not taken up after the binding registration without giving reasons.
    • the internship is not completed in full without giving reasons.
    •  a mentor judges the student's performance to be insufficient.
    • students are expelled from the practical school.


       Practical phase Master Internship Passport (PDF/Word, German only)

       Proof of independent teaching activity (PDF/Word, German only)


      For enquiries about the practical phase Master (MP) please send an e-mail to: