Range of studies

Students study in a library

The teacher education programme (bachelor’s and master’s) as well as the expiring diploma programme in Teacher Education consist of two teaching subjects, one educational and one practical part. All students of a teacher education programme at the Centre for Teacher Education have to complete the Allgemeine Bildungswissenschaftliche Grundlagen module (general expertise in education, bachelor’s/master’s programme) or the Pädagogisch-Wissenschaftliche Berufsvorbildung module (academic professional pre-education in teaching, diploma programme). They include the Pädagogisch-Praktische Studien (studies on teaching) and the  Schulpraktische Ausbildung (training in applied didactics), which take the form of courses at the University as well as practical training at school, where mentors introduce their future colleagues to practice. For further information about the structure of the degree programme, the admission procedure (aptitude tests) and the teacher education study guide (Lehramtskompass), please visit the website of the North-East Schools’ Group (Verbund Nord-Ost).


Other degree programmes relating to teacher education

In addition, several programmes without compulsory combination of subjects that also relate to teacher education have been established at the University of Vienna. Therefore, students at the University of Vienna can complete a bachelor’s and (based on it) master's programme in Religious Education with an emphasis on either Catholic Religious Education, Protestant Religious Education or Orthodox Religious Education. Furthermore, the University of Vienna offers a master's programme in Islamic Religious Education. This degree programme aims at training teachers of Islamic religion for teaching at secondary schools in Austria. In addition, it aims at addressing topics and current issues of religious and ethical education in research and teaching. Graduates of the master's programme in Chinese Studies with special emphasis on teaching Chinese can teach Chinese at schools, universities, and in adult education.

The University College of Teacher Education of Christian Churches Vienna/Krems offers a part-time continuing education and training programme in Orthodox Religion. Graduates of this programme are entitled to teach Orthodox religion at schools.