Courses and examinations

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The StudiesServiceCenter Teacher Education is responsible for courses and examinations in the following fields:

  • Bachelor’s programme in Teacher Education: Allgemeine Bildungswissenschaftliche Grundlagen (general expertise in education) and Pädagogisch-praktische Studien (teaching practice)
  • Master’s programme in Teacher Education: Allgemeine Bildungswissenschaftliche Grundlagen (general expertise in education)  and Pädagogisch-praktische Studien (teaching practice)
  • Diploma programme in Teacher Education: Pädagogisch-Wissenschaftliche Berufsvorbildung (academic professional pre-education in teaching) and Schulpraktische Ausbildung (training in applied didactics)
  • Specialisation in inclusive education

You can find detailed information on registration and examination matters on the general information pages abut studying.


Registration system u:space

The registration for and deregistration from courses and examinations is processed via the university-wide registration system u:space. Please note that you have to select the correct degree programme code and the respective module (according to the curriculum) during the registration process (see Available study places).

The correct allocation is important for all registrations (courses with continuous assessment as well as lectures and examinations).

The registration system only recognises grades that have been allocated correctly in the transcript of records. Only SSC staff can correct a wrong allocation (please send an e-mail with your student ID number to the SSC).


Point system

The allocation of study places follows a system of points. For further information about this system, please see the University Gazette of 30 september 2014 (number 332) or the Student Point website.


Registration, deregistration and deadlines

The registration for courses and examinations is subject to certain registration periods, which you should check in the u:find course directory or on this website before the beginning of the semester. After the end of the registration period, you will receive an e-mail (u:account) within 1-2 days informing you whether you have been registered or are on the waiting list.

Your registration is only complete after you have attended the first session of the course.

If you have pre-registered for several options for the same module, please check for which course you have actually been registered (e.g. you might have been registered for your second or third choice). If you are listed on the waiting list, please come to the first session of the course and ask whether there are any remaining spots available.

If you do not attend a course despite you are registered or you do not take an exam please deregister. Otherwise, you will be given a negative grade or you will be suspended for the next exam date.


Allocation of remaining available spots

To ensure that every student can finish his/her studies as fast as possible, students who did not get a place in one of the courses of their choice will be offered a place in a course they did not pre-register for. To actually register for this place, you have to confirm within two days that you want to take the available place.

If you decline the place, you will automatically be put back on the waiting list. If this is the case, the directorate of studies might allow you to transfer your points to the same course in the next semester. If you do not accept the available place within two days, you will be put back on the waiting list as well.

If you pre-register for a module with several parallel courses, we strongly recommend stating more than one preferred course.

Important information on examinations

  • You can only register or deregister for examinations within the relevant registration period. It is not possible to register for an examination after the end of the registration period, and we will not answer any requests in this regard.
  • Only students who have registered for the respective examination within the registration period will receive a grade on their examination.
  • At the entrance to the examination room it is checked whether the students have registered. For this, the student ID card must be presented. Unregistered students are not allowed to enter the examination room.
  • If you have registered for an examination but cannot or do not want to take it, you have to deregister within two days before the examination date. If you registered for an examination but do not show up without an excuse, you will automatically be excluded from the following examination.
  • If you are caught cheating in an examination, it will be noted in your transcript of records. The examination attempt counts.