EC Digitalisation

The extension curriculum "Understanding and Shaping Digitalisation" opens up a critical interdisciplinary examination of digitisation for students. Students acquire knowledge about legal, ethical, technical, pedagogical, psychosocial and social aspects of digitalisation and develop into digitally competent students.


Registration for teacher training students

Teacher training students cannot register regularly for this EC. However, there is a contingent of places reserved for teacher training students. 

  • DVMPM1 Compulsory module 1 (teaching offer always winter term):
    490400 VU Digital Transformations (Fares Kayali, et al.) (can be used for the elective area of teaching subjects).
  • DVMPM2 compulsory module 2 (always offered in summer):
    490401 VU Computational Empowerment (Brandhofer Gerhard, Höfler Elke) (can be used for the elective area of teaching subjects)
  • DVMPM3 Compulsory module 3 (always offered in the summer term):
    490402 SE New Media, Gaming and Youth Culture (Fares Kayali) (can be used for ABGPM4 Communication and Interaction).

Courses and assignments in the BA Teacher Training Programme (VVZ).

Please register regularly via u:space.

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