Change of subject

1. Change in the main combination

Before changing, please consider carefully whether the new desired combination makes sense. You can find tips for choosing a subject and the needs of the labour market here:

A change of subject is always a change of study. This can have an impact on the possible payment of grants. The Department for Social Policy of the Student Union at the University of Vienna can advise you on this.

For the change of subject itself (deadlines, implementation), please contact the Admissions Office.

Important information
  • Make sure that there is no time gap in the admission from the old to the new combination.
  • Complete all the steps for admission to the new combination (incl. payment of the ÖH contribution!), otherwise your achievements will not be automatically recognised, which means that you will not be able to register for courses with the new combination. 
  • Make sure that all outstanding grades from the old combination are entered before the change.

After the change, check whether all achievements from the old combination have been transferred to the new combination. Please note that your recognised achievements will only be fully released and appear on your transcript of records after the official start of studies (in the winter term after 1.10. and in the summer term after 1.3.). Until the official start of the new course of studies, the achievements are provisionally released in the system. The registration system can already recognise achievements in this status as completed and considers the achievements for any prerequisites as given.


Combination with art universities

If you have chosen a combination with an art subject, please write an e-mail to regarding the ABG. There is no "automatic" transfer of academic performance here.

2. Change of subject with current registration for Pedagogical Practical Studies (PPS)

Registration for the internships always takes place in the pre-semester. If you decide to change subjects after registering for the orientation internship (OP) or for subject-related school practice, it is essential that you ensure that the course of study with which you registered is active at the time of allocation. This means that the old course of study must still be open throughout during the assignment. Otherwise you will not be allocated and your registration cannot be considered, as only active studies can be considered for allocation. 

In general, we strongly advise against changing subjects between the registration in the pre-semester and the allocation!

You can find more information on the website regarding internships specifically.


Orientation Phase

Since you can only prioritise the subjects during registration, it cannot be ruled out that you will be assigned to the subject you want to change!

3. Extended studies

You can choose a 3rd teaching subject as an extension study. You can find more information on the website regarding extended studies. If you would like to exchange the 3rd teaching subject with a subject of the main combination, this is also a change of study. Then all the information mentioned under point 1 applies.

4. Degree with one subject from the main combinatioan and the 3rd subject

If you would like to complete your studies with one subject of your main combination and the 3rd subject (extension studies), then according to the admission regulations:

  • Apply for a change of study within the application deadline for admission for the semester in question,
  • the combination must be studied and completed as of 1.10. or 1.3.

The last semester should be studied in the new combi.

  • Submit an application before the semester of graduation in the admission application period by 05.09 or 05.02 so that the subjects are reorganised as of 1.10. or 1.3.
  • Arrange all recognition and reallocation of examinations and take the last examinations. Automated recognition for all compulsory modules is running in the background. For electives, please contact the SSCs.
  • Complete the studies in the new combi and then apply for admission to the Master's programme on the same day or on the next 1.10./1.3.

The advice of the Admissions Office is to take care of the new combi and the degree in good time together with the 3 SSCs concerned and the daily updated admission.