Information for Lecturers

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Handbook for teachers

The CTL (Center for Teaching and Learning) of the University of Vienna has compiled a handbook for teachers that is helpful in many areas and can provide you with basic information on planning, conducting and evaluating courses as well as on performance review. Please note that you can access the handbook via the intranet. It is generated as an up-to-date PDF document from over 90 entries and thus always contains the latest information. It is also possible to search by topic on the intranet.


Code of Conduct

With the Code of Conduct (CoC), the University of Vienna defines a binding framework for action. Please read through it: Code of Conduct (PDF).


Further material

We also recommend further useful materials that can help to improve the quality of teaching and the relationship between teachers and students (CTL website):



Moodle is the information platform for teachers and students. Here you will find instructions on how to use Moodle.


Do you need support with digital teaching or exams?

Please contact our e-multiplier Anita Wallner BEd!

Consultation hours: Wednesday 15:00-16:00 and after arrangement.



Claudia Spitzauer

Please always check in the handbook first before contacting the directorate of studies or the StudiesServiceCenter.