Studying abroad

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Foto: Universität Wien

Studying abroad is the best way to get to know new countries, (knowledge) cultures, languages and people, and offers:

  • Personal benefits - self-confidence, independence
  • Academic benefits - new approaches, different perspectives, broadened horizons
  • Career benefits - language skills, networking, employability

Students of the University of Vienna, who would like to study abroad, can find all the information they need in the Outgoings section on this website.

Students who have been nominated for a stay at the University of Vienna by a partner university will find all the information they need in the Incomings section on this website.

Experience report

Blog article "Ein Studienjahr in Finnland – Mein Abenteuer im hohen Norden" (A Study Year in Finland - My Adventure in the Far North") – Martin Brandl talks about his study visit at the University of Finland via the Campus Europae network.