Information for international exchange students

On this page you will find information about your Erasmus/EUF stay at the University of Vienna. Please read this information carefully. If you have any further questions, please contact your mobility coordinator specified on your Letter of Acceptance. Please also read the relevant checklist of the International Office, which will provide you with important general (not degree programme-specific) information.


Range of courses and selection of course

The teacher education programme at the University of Vienna consists of two teaching subjects and the Allgemeine Bildungswissenschaftliche Grundlagen module (general expertise in education). The Centre for Teacher Education is responsible for teaching in the general expertise in education module and the specialisation in inclusive education (SPL 49). (Please note: This degree programme is not identical with the bachelor’s/master’s programme in Education.) If you have been nominated by a partner university within the European University Foundation, you will need to complete a large part of the courses in the general expertise in education module or the specialisation in inclusive education. You can find the corresponding courses in the course directory. It provides all details, such as the number of teaching units per week, starting times, number of ECTS credits, language of instruction etc., for every course. The course directory for the upcoming semester is available as of August (winter semester) or January (summer semester). If, for example, you need an overview of available courses for the Learning Agreement beforehand, please refer to the course directory of the winter or summer semester of the previous year. Please note that not all courses are offered every semester.


Co-registration for Courses in ther degree programmes

If you would also like to attend courses from other degree programmes, you can discuss this matter with the responsible coordinator of the other degree programme AFTER your arrival in Vienna. There is no guarantee that a place will be available.
Co-registration for courses in other degree programmes is handled differently in every degree programme. For a first overview, there is a list containing information on co-registration for courses in other degree programmes. Exceptions: certain courses relating to Austria, which are open to all exchange students in principle, and language courses provided by the Language Centre of the University of Vienna.
For courses in the school subject Sports and Physical Education, students have to submit a proof of admission to the degree programme in sports (teacher education) at their home university. They have to submit this proof to the mobility coordinator of the relevant degree programme before registering for the course.

Language requirements

German language proficiency corresponding to level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is a prerequisite for admission to the degree programme. You do not have to provide a proof of language proficiency at this level. However, your home university has to confirm in your online nomination that you have the required level of language proficiency when you start your studies. In principle, exchange students who find sufficient English-language courses can also study at the University of Vienna without German language skills. Please check in the course directory in time whether the University offers suitable courses in English.


ECTS credits and courses

Please note that your home university stipulates how many courses and therefore ECTS credits you have to complete at the University of Vienna.

The University of Vienna makes a distinction between different types of courses. Lectures (Vorlesung, VO) and lectures with conversatoriums (Vorlesung mit Konservatorium, VK) are so-called courses with non-continuous assessment. Attendance at these courses is not compulsory and students’ knowledge is tested in a written or oral examination at the end of the semester. Exercises (Übung, UE), introductory seminars (Proseminar, PS) and seminars (Seminar, SE) are courses with continuous assessment that require attendance. Grading is based on regular participation (for example, by contributing to discussions or submitting written exercises), presentations or intermediate examinations, writing of an academic paper or taking written and/or oral final examinations. The performance assessment is based on a grading scale from 1 (excellent) to 5 (insufficient).
It is recommended that you do not attend courses that are part of the introductory and orientation period (STEOP).
Students who have been nominated for a bachelor's programme can usually also take courses from the corresponding master's programme, provided that they have the necessary previous knowledge. In any case, this has to be clarified in advance with the mobility coordinator.


Learning Agreement

If you have been nominated, we kindly ask you to send us your Learning Agreement via e-mail by the end of July (if you are coming to Vienna in the winter semester) or by the end of the December (if you are coming to Vienna in the summer semester). Please note that the mobility coordinator of the Centre for Teacher Education can only confirm courses within the SPL 49. For courses relating to other disciplines, you have to submit a separate learning agreement. For further details about this topic, please see here. The International Office (not the mobility coordinator of the Centre for Teacher Education) is responsible for issuing confirmations of participation in language courses offered by the Language Centre of the University of Vienna as well as in courses relating to Austria.

If you would like to attend courses from other degree programmes, please inform yourself about the co-registration procedure of the relevant other degree programme. For courses that you can take without consulting the mobility coordinator of the respective degree programme, you can get a confirmation from the mobility coordinator of the Centre for Teacher Education. In this case, please provide a printout of the Incoming website (or any other type of confirmation) of the other degree programme, showing that co-registration for the desired course is possible without having to consult the mobility coordinator of the other degree programme. Further details on this topic are available here.


Registration deadlines for lectures and examinations

Registration for courses usually starts at the beginning of September for the winter semester, and at the beginning of February for the summer semester. Please note that you have to register in any case, even if you are only interested in a course.

You cannot attend a course if you have not registered for it. Course registration takes place via u:space. You do not have to be in Vienna to register for courses. You will receive an e-mail in due time containing your student ID number as well as an explanation on how to activate your u:account in order to register for courses. More information on the registration deadlines at the Centre for Teacher Education and the necessary steps are available here.

To be able to take an examination, it is usually necessary to register for the respective examination via u:space. You can usually register for examinations within 1-3 weeks before the examination takes place. The examination dates will be announced in the first session at the beginning of the semester at the latest. As a rule, examinations take place at the end of the semester or up to one week after the end of the semester at the latest.

Transcript of records

As a general rule, all grades, including details about the number of ECTS credits completed, are published on u:space within one month after the examination date. You can print your transcript of records including a digital signature via u:space until at least the end of April (winter semester) or the end of November (summer semester).




Mobility Coordinators at the Centre for Teacher Education

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T +43-1-4277-60205

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