Pedagogical-practical studies (Bachelor)

The practical pedagogical studies (PPS) are one of the four pillars of the teacher training programme. In the practical field of school, the change of perspective to become a teacher is prepared and the students can test and reflect on the knowledge they have acquired in the subject-specific, subject-didactic and educational science areas. The school practice is prepared and followed up in accompanying courses and supervised in the school by trained mentors. The PPS comprise different types of internships, each with a specific content and serve to get to know a broad spectrum of school types.


Orientation internship

The orientation internship is scheduled for the 3rd semester. Please note that for successful completion of module 3, attendance of the lecture "Didactics and Teaching Research" and passing the associated examination is also a prerequisite.


Subject related school practice

The school practice takes place in both teaching subjects and is scheduled from the 5th semester onwards. The school practice can only be completed in connection with the accompanying course from the respective subject. You can only register for the school practice if you have registered for the accompanying lecture (check the prerequisite!).


School research and classroom practice (Module 6)

Within the framework of Module 6 School Research and Teaching Practice, another school practice assignment is planned. In the school practice "Supra-disciplinary competences and qualifications", the learning space school as well as planning, diagnosis and reflection of lessons are the focus. In doing so, a research-oriented view of the school is directed. In the accompanying proseminar, students develop practice-reflective assignments in relation to school and teaching.

 Overview pedagogical-practical studies in the Bachelor's and Master's studies (German only)


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 Guide for the practical school (German only)