Pedagogical-practical studies in the specialisation Inclusive Education

Bachelor's studies

The specialisation in Inclusive Education includes extensive school practice. You will find a more detailed description of this in the information sheet.

The school practice is always integrated into a KU Accompanied School Practice. The practice places are allocated within the framework of the KU, i.e. registration for a practice place takes place via registration for a KU during the regular registration phase.  This is how the specialisation Inclusive Education differs from other subjects!


 Info sheet (German only)

Internship pass

An internship pass must be filled out to accompany the internship.

 Internship pass Inclusive Education (Modules 3,4,5)

 Internship pass Inclusive Education (Module 7)

 Internship pass Inclusive Education (Module 8)

 Guide for the practical school (German only)

Alternative completion (own teaching)

You can complete a maximum of two of the three compulsory internships as part of your independent teaching activity in secondary education as an integration teacher/special education teacher/inclusive teacher (other employment relationships must be described in detail and proven) as an alternative to the internships. However, at least one of the three internships must be completed within the framework of a course Accompanied School Practice in order to guarantee that the contents provided for in the curriculum (e.g. guided reflection, theory/practice reference) for the area of school practice are covered.

The following scope is planned:

  • Bundling SP IP 03/04/05 Accompanied school practice (6 ECTS) = at least 3 hours per school year / 6 hours per school semester own teaching
  • SP IP 07 Accompanied school practice (2 ECTS) = at least 2 hours per school year / 4 hours per school semester own teaching in the respective specialisation area
  • SP IP 08 Accompanied school practice (2 ECTS) = at least 2 hours per school year / 4 hours per school semester of own teaching.

This means that a maximum of 8 of the total of 10 ECTS for school practice can be earned through own teaching activities.


Complete the proof (see below as download) of your independent teaching activity and send it to the SSC Teacher Education (

Alternative completion (own teaching)

Deadlines summer term 2023

Please note that the examination of your independent teaching activity for the alternative completion of the internships in the Bachelor's degree programme will be carried out by a certain deadline before the start of the semester). 

Submission deadline

Please note that you must have submitted your documents by 31.01.2023.

Approval deadline

You will receive feedback on your submitted documents by 14.2.2023.

 Proof of own teaching activity (Word)

 Proof of own teaching activity (PDF)

Master's studies

Registration and allocation for the practical phase Master is analogous to the other teaching subjects. Registration takes place in the previous semester! You can find all further information on the website regarding specifically the practical master phase


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