Modul 6 Schulforschung und Unterrichtspraxis

Module 6 "School Research and Teaching Practice" consists of the following courses: 

  • VO School research and teaching practice (2 ECTS)
  • PS School Research and Teaching Practice (2 ECTS) incl. School Practice Supra-disciplinary Competences and Interdisciplinary Competences (2 ECTS).

The assignment to the school practice takes place in the proseminar. No extra registration is required for this. The school practice therefore does not appear in the VVZ, but is listed in the transcript and assessed with a +/-.

The proseminars each have a different focus. Please select a proseminar.

Students must complete an internship passport, which can be downloaded from this page. The internship passport must be signed by the mentor, submitted to the course director and then remains with the student.

 Internship Passport School Research and Teaching Practice (Word/PDF)

 Info-sheet (PDF)