Specialisation Inclusive Education (Graduation Bachelor studies)

In order to complete the Bachelor's degree programme, all courses and examinations provided for in the curriculum must have been passed. As soon as all scheduled courses appear on the transcript of records and have been positively assessed, the transcript of records for the respective teaching subject as well as for the Specialisation Inclusive Pedagogy and for the General Educational Science Fundamentals can be submitted to the Study Service Centre (SSC)/Study Service Office (SSS).

As soon as you have completed all services in Specialised Inclusive Education, please send us an email to beratung.inklusivepaedagogik@univie.ac.at with the following information:

  • Name
  • Matriculation number
  • Student identification number
  • Transcript of records

Please allow 14 days to one month for the processing of your degree.

The subject/specialisation ranked first in alphabetical order will provide you with the final graduation documents (certificate, etc.).


Degree in Special Inclusive Education Extension Studies

If you are studying Special Inclusive Pedagogy in the extension programme, we will issue you with the graduation documents. In this case, we require confirmation from you that you have taken part in the obligatory Statistics Austria online survey for graduates: https://www.statistik.at/uhstat/uhstat2/#/questionnaire

We can send you the closing documents once you have confirmed this via Mail: