Recognition – Diploma programme in Teacher Education

Please check which of the following scenarios applies to you before submitting your application.

1) Compulsory elective subject

All courses (exceptions: STEOP courses, introductory seminars, practical course in education) offered as part of the teacher education programme can be recognised for the module Vertiefendes und erweiterndes Wahlpflichtfach aus Pädagogik (specialising and extending compulsory elective subject in education, 2 hours per week per semester). However, you cannot select a course taught by a lecturer that already taught you in a compulsory course in the same subject area.

Courses offered by different directorates of study that focus on education and/or teaching can be recognised as compulsory elective subjects as well. This requires approva.l from the SPL 49 beforehand. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact us at


2) Recognition of examinations and courses when changing your subject (University of Vienna)

If you have changed your subject, you have to make sure that your examination results from the Pädagogisch-Wissenschaftliche Berufsvorbildung (academic professional pre-education in teaching, STEOP) and the Schulpraktische Ausbildung (training in applied didactics) are recognised as part of your new subject combination. Please send an e-mail stating your name, student ID number and your new subject combination to: You will be notified via e-mail as soon as the recognition has been completed.

Information on changing your subject(s)

Please note that a change of subjects is regarded as the beginning of a new degree programme and therefore as a change of degree programme. If you have changed your degree programme, the admission to the new programme only becomes valid at the beginning of the semester on 1 October or 1 March (depending on the semester in which you change programmes). Therefore, it is crucial that you do not deregister from your previous degree programme, so that it is still possible to enter grades into your transcript of records.

This way, you can register for courses with your old degree programme. This is necessary because the system checks whether you fulfil all the prerequisites for a course when you register for it. It would not be possible to register for courses if your previous achievements have not yet been recognised for your new degree programme.

As of 2 October / 2 March, you can deregister from your previous (“old”) degree programme at the Admission Office.

3) Recognition of academic achievements

If you are a regular student at the University of Vienna and have successfully completed examinations and courses at a recognised “higher” educational institution (for example a university, a college or an academic institution), you can apply for the recognition of these examinations and courses, provided that equivalence is given. This also applies to achievements completed at the University of Vienna if the “old” degree programme (teacher education or a different degree programme) in which these examinations/courses were taken has been closed and you are not admitted to another degree programme. The Directorate of Studies decides what achievements will be recognised. Please fill in the application form and send an e-mail (stating your name, student ID number and your diploma programme subject combination) to: .You will receive an e-mail as soon as the recognition has been completed.

 Application form diploma programme (new entrants as of WS 2011 to SS 2014)

 Application form diploma programme (new entrants as of WS 2011 to SS 2014)

4) FAP (subject specific internship) Recognition

The application for the recognition of the practical course in teaching has to be submitted to the SSC Teacher Education. It has to include a written confirmation issued by the school. This “Bestätigung über selbstständige Unterrichtstätigkeit” (confirmation of independent teaching) has to include the following information:

  • Teaching subject
  • Time frame
  • Amount of teaching
  • Age of the pupils
  • Positive evaluation of the teaching activity

The directorate of studies of the relevant subject is included in the decision on the recognition. Please note that only one of the two practical courses in teaching can be recognised.


Ms Andrea Bönisch

Please send your questions to or visit the SSC during the opening hours. You will receive an e-mail asking you to pick up your official notice of recognition as soon as your application has been processed. You can either pick it up in person (please bring along your student ID) or have another person authorised in writing collect it for you. S/he will need to prove his/her identity by providing a photo ID.